Our Services

Kisinga Construction Co. Ltd.offer both public and private sector clients a
comprehensive list of services from human resource, pre-construction to
project closeout. Because clients needs vary, our goal is to offer as many
solutions and delivery types as possible to maximize value for money of our
Putting our client relationship as our priority...that's the Kisinga way. At
every phase of the journey, we perform for you -- meeting expectations,
keeping lines of communication open, maintaining reliable and accurate
reports, and always exercising a proactive approach to client services.


Kisinga Construction Company Ltd
Services Provided by Kisinga construction company Limited are;
- General Construction
- Buildings
- Fences using concrete poles and Chain links
- Road & Bridge works
- Labour Contracts
- Electrical services
- Water gravity flow schemes, water pumping systems
Supplies Provided by Kisinga Construction Co. Ltd. Are;
- Construction materials
- Agricultural equipment and plant
- Processing and Exporting of coffee to the outside world
- Supply of motor trucks for hire
To be a successful, quality construction services company, built on
repeat business and dedicated to our valued clients, constantly
improving for the benefit of our customers, associates, suppliers
and other stakeholders.
Fundamental to the success of our mission are these criteria:
Our most important asset. Commitment, safety, quality, diversity,
service, teamwork and integrity are the values that govern their work.
Our products and services must be delivered safely, on time and with a
level of quality that exceeds the needs and desires of our clients.

Kisinga Construction Company Ltd
The ultimate measure of our long-term success – the gauge for how
well and how efficiently we serve our clients. Profits are required for us
to survive and prosper.
With these criteria come certain guiding principles:
The quality of our projects and services create client satisfaction, our
No. 1 priority.
Our clients deserve quality projects at a fair price. This is how we build
repeat business.
Through innovation and training – to improve our projects and services,
to ensure our efficiency, quality and profitability.
A tradition that gets things done safely...now!
We will never compromise our code of conduct or social
responsibilities. We are committed to our high standards of fairness
and integrity.

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